Award to Researchers in Asian Countries

The 2nd Kobayashi Foundation Award


Kobayashi Foundation Award will be given to the outstanding researchers who made remarkable social contributions in the field of cancer chemotherapy in Asian countries other than Japan.

Thank you very much for your application.

How to apply

Download the application form from the website of Kobayashi Foudation for Cancer Research (Kobayashi Foundation, or the 10th International Conference of the Asian Clinical Oncology Society (10th ACOS, and fill out the form in English. Send the application form in PDF format to Kobayashi Foundation by e-mail ( The information of Kobayashi Foundation Award is also available on the website of ACOS Office.

Application Form: [Zip Format 13.1KB] [Sit Format 11.8KB]

Application Period

From September 1st to November 30th, 2011

Selection Process

Submitted application forms will be evaluated by the recommender selected from each country. The final award winners will be selected by members of the selection committee composed of cancer chemotherapy experts of Kobayashi Foundation.

Award and Prize

The award will be given to two researchers selected from all applicants.
(Prize money: JPY 1,000,000, Total: JPY 2,000,000)

Result Announcement

The result will be announced on the website of the 10th ACOS and Kobayashi Foundation in early February, 2012. Also the result will be given to the applicants individually.

Award Winners

  1. "Development of new therapeutics for gastric cancer"
    Prof. Yung-Jue Bang
    Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul National University College of Medicine & Hospital, Korea
    Selection Reason:
    Dr. Bang has been conducting many clinical trials of molecular target drug for gastric cancer and the report has been published in leading medical journals and gained international recognition.
  2. "A translational research of reversing acquired EGFR-TKI resistance in nonsmall cell lung cancer patients"
    Prof. Chih-Hsin Yang
    Graduate Institute of Oncology, National Taiwan University College of Medicine, Taiwan
    Selection Reason:
    Dr. Yang has been conducting a lot of studies of drug resistance-related genes in lung cancer. We are expecting the development of further studies such as advanced treatments using relationship between EGFR-TKI and Gefitinib resistant strain and Afatinib inhibiting both EGFR and HER2.

Award Ceremony

The award winners will be announced and give a special lecture at the 10th ACOS, which will be held at COEX Convention and Seoul, Korea from June 13th-15th 2012.


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